Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden ... 3 week update.

Three weeks ago I planted my garden (see the first blog for a photo).  With all the rain we have been having the garden is growing and growing.   I have been very excited to see the beginning stages of flowering on the tomato plants and the rapid vine effect of the cucumbers and eggplant.  Last week I planted a zucchini plant and I can already see a difference.   

Also the basil and flat leaf parsley are growing like weeds.    Luckily we bought some lovely chicken from Clancy's yesterday, so there will be some cooking today with the herbs.   I am thinking chicken stuffed with goat's cheese and basil.  YUMMO!

From looking at the strawberry plant, I can see 2 flowers.  Yes I am excited to get 2 strawberries.   Although they won't be big in size or plentiful, I think they will be the best strawberries ever.

Who would have thought gardening could be so exciting!

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