Monday, June 14, 2010

Farmer's Market Dinner

Sunday we finally made it over to the Kingfield Farmers Market.   What a treat!  And I felt really inspired by all the great local produce.   It is a small market but the variety is amazing.   I decided to treat P and myself to a dinner with only things from the market.   We bought 1/2 a chicken (after I torched the poor guy about what feed he used.   I had just watched Food Inc and he guessed that right away.).  Next stall we bought some garlic scapes.   If you have never used them I highly recommend trying them.  I find they roast, saute and grill very well.   Next we got some great potato flax seed bread.   Then finally beets, salad in a bag with added spinach (all farm grown). 

Dinner ended up being roasted chicken with garlic scape and beets with salad and bread.  Simple yet the best thing I have eaten in a while.   I love getting stuff from the farmers market.  It reminds me that sometimes the simplest of foods can be the best!

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  1. Love the idea of making a meal with items purchased locally and fresh. It sounded absolutely fantastic!