Monday, September 26, 2011

Minneapolis Food Trucks - The DFI Addition

Since being diagnosed with DFI, I have found it is hard to find a good quick lunch downtown.   Most of the people behind the counters cannot tell you what the ingredients are in many of the dishes they are selling.   Thus began my love affair with the Food Truck revolution.   Each day there are 4 to 5 food trucks parked along the street by office and they have opened up a new world of lunch edibles for me.    One of the great things about the food trucks is everything is made right there and you get to ask questions and know what is exactly in the food they are preparing. 

My first experience with this revolution was Chef Shack.  And like any first love, you keep coming back to the memory of the magical moment you first tried their food.   But because I could only see them on the weekend, I began to stray towards other vendors, savoring more and more the wonders that were being made in these tiny spaces.  Oh the magical flavor combinations and perfect for this DFI foodie.

Here is my list of my favorite food carts and a sampling of what you should try:

Chef Shack
I have yet to have anything bad from here.  The bison burger with egg has become a must have for me BUT if the donut truck is around .... run fast and get a bag of the hot doughy love you are about to experience.

Twisted Sister
First these guys are fun!   Try the Trailer Park Dog.  Orange nacho cheese with chips of your choice crumbled on (Lays are the only ones that don't have corn syrup and the safest bet)

Hola Arepas
Who knew a small package could hold so much food.   Try the Cuban ... you won't regret it.

Dandelion Kitchen
I love the roasted chicken sandwich but nothing compares to their home made soups. 

World Street Kitchen
Yum Yum bowls are very popular but I do love their hummus.

This truck has become a new love.  The burrito stuffed with short ribs and kimchi melts in my mouth but a must have is the pork spring rolls.

There are still more to explore and I will be hunting them down until the Food Truck season comes to a close.
Here is a chance for you to come and explore these wonderful Food Trucks.  On October 1st at TCF Stadium, 300 Wines, 40 Chefs, 10 Food Trucks All in 2 Days At Taste! MPLS.ST.PAUL’S ULTIMATE WINE & DINE.  

If you would like to go check out this link and use the code AMY to get 46% off on your tickets.

The Street Food Vendors who are participating will be:

Gai Gai Thai, Chef Shack, Turkey-to-Go, Gastrotruck, Vellee Deli, World Street Kitchen, The Twisted Sister House of Hunger, Smack Shack, She Royal, Scratch, Cupcakes On The Go, and NateDogs

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