Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams

You would think being diagnosed with DFI you would have to give up a lot of great things like ice cream.  Well as long as it is made with real sugar (a friend to DFIers) than you can have it and many other sweets.  

We have family coming over this weekend and for dessert I am making chocolate cupcakes (King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix which is new on the market) and ricotta ice cream.  The ice cream I am making from scratch with my handy ice cream maker.    I was watching the Cooking Channel and saw this recipe on one of the many Giada shows.   It is made with simple syrup, just table sugar and water.   I opted to not include the chocolate chips as many varieties are still made with HFCS and other sugar solutions which could make any DFIer ill.

Here is link to the recipe.   I am going to try different variations later.  I am thinking this will make an amazing lemon ice cream similar to the lemon ricotta cookies my Nana use to make and that I am going to be making in the next few weeks but gluten free.

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  1. Yum!!!! thanks for posting the recipe. We are going to try our hand at making homemade pumpkin pie from scratch next weekend. You've inspired me :)